UroLift® was approved by the FDA in 2013 and provides the patient a minimally invasive approach to treat the enlarged prostate. The procedure uses a series of anchored permanent implants to reshape the prostate and relieves urethral constriction without resecting or vaporizing tissue to allow urine to flow freely through the urethra. 

Condition it treats:

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH): Enlarged prostate gland narrows the urethra, preventing the urine from draining out of the bladder.

Are you a candidate for the UroLift ®?

A pre-procedure work-up will occur during an outpatient visit(s) This may or may not include the following, which is at the discretion of your urologist.

  1. Urodynamics- is used to determine how well your bladder stores urine and how well the bladder can contract to remove urine. Through the procedure we can see in real time analysis of your average and maximum flow, how much urine remains in the bladder after voiding, and the pressure that is created by the bladder in both the storage and voiding phases.
  2. Cystoscopy-a flexible tube using local anesthetic is passed through the urethra and prostate and into the bladder for the urologist can visibly inspect the walls of the bladder. This test helps us determine if the prostates is truly what is causing the urinary symptoms or if it could be from another source such as urethral stricture, a bladder stone, a tumor, or other causes that may be causing the lower urinary tract symptoms. Cystoscopy allows the urologist to also determine the type of prostatic growth that is present and whether it is bi-lobar, tri-lobar or whether there is any intravesical extension of prostate tissue growing or pushing into the bladder.
  3. Size of the prostate- is measured by a trans-rectal ultrasound. Treatment options are different for different-sized prostates.

 Based on the size and anatomy of the prostate, treatment options will be discussed with your urology team.

When is it appropriate to use UroLift®?

UroLift® can be done if the bladder has some bladder contraction present, the prostate is 80-grams or less, and the hypertrophy of the prostate is bi-lobar, meaning no median lobe. A median lobe means there is growth coming from the bottom of the prostate.

Once all the testing is completed, a plan is created and your options will be discussed with your provider.

What happens during the procedure:

UroLift® is done in an outpatient setting. The UroLift® delivery device is passed through the obstructed urethra using cryptoscopic guidance. Most prostate requires 4 to 6 implants. The implants consist of a nitinol capsular tab, a retractable PET suture and a stainless steel urethral end piece. The implants are placed at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions of the prostate to mechanically lift and separate the obstructing tissue. The implantation procedure takes only a few minutes. The entire procedure should take less than one hour.

Post-procedure expectations for UroLift®

These are some of the more common side effects that may occur following the procedure:

  • Sensitivity when passing urine
  • Urinary frequency
  • Strong urge to pass urine at times
  • Minimal bleeding
  • General pelvic discomfort/pain
  • Urinary leakage (relatively uncommon) but linked to urge
  • Urinary tract infection (occurs in approximately 5% patients)
  • Side effects from the anesthetic

Check out this treatment comparison chart for more benefits of the UroLift® System.

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Benefits of UroLift ®

  • Improves ability to urinate
  • Quick recovery in a matter of days
  • Minimally invasive
  • Complete preservation of sexual function

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We have outperformed the data from the National LIFT study, showing significant reductions in BPH symptoms scores by nearly 65%.

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