When the Love Is There, But the Sex Drive is Not

Jul. 26, 2018

The causes of a libido letdown

It’s something men have had to struggle with for centuries: the dwindling of libido. Fortunately for you, we know more about the loss of male sex drive than we ever have before! If you’re experiencing a loss of libido, you don’t have to accept it as a fact of life. A number of factors contribute to libido loss, and many of these are easily solved. Read on and see if any of these libido killers sound familiar:

Drugs: Both prescription medicine as well as recreational drugs can cause things to go south in the bedroom. Ask your doctor about your medications and the possible complications they may have. If you use recreational drugs, this is another great reason to discontinue using them.

Exercise: If you don’t exercise at all, it’s bad for your sex drive. After all, a healthy sex drive is part of a healthy body. But on the other hand, too much exercise isn’t good for your sex drive, either. As with everything, moderation will get you the best results.

Alcohol: You’re not in college anymore. You can’t just party all night and still have energy for the after party. Drinking less will do wonders for your sexual health.

Stress: The ultimate buzz kill, stress keeps your body from functioning as well as it should. If you’re more stressed than usual and you’re noticing a decline in sex drive, stress may be the culprit.

Depression: Mental health issues like depression can cause one’s sex drive to plummet. Of course, one’s waning sex drive may also inform a mental health issue. Be sure to speak to your doctor about possible depression and the consequences for your sexual functioning.

Low testosterone: It’s possible that low testosterone is the reason you’re not performing as you should be. Men’s testosterone levels tend to taper off as they age, but the lowered levels have different affects on different men. If no other reasons exist why your sex drive is declining—or if you think you may have a combination of one of the above explanations and low testosterone—ask your doctor about testosterone therapy.

A loss of libido can have significant negative implications for you—and for your partner. We encourage you to consider what you might be able to do to turn the situation around. Whether it’s changing your lifestyle, speaking to your doctor, or both, you have better options than ever before.

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