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Taking a Vacation with Your Overactive Bladder

Jun. 04, 2018

Don’t let frequent bathroom trips keep you from the trip of your dreams

Long strolls through the nation’s most celebrated museums, sailing to an exotic port, hiking where emperors once led their troops: Who doesn’t like these beloved summer travel activities? Your overactive bladder, for one. If you are living with an overactive bladder, it’s likely you have put summer vacation plans on hold, or have seriously curbed your imagination as to what is possible.

Take heart: It doesn’t have to be like this. There are ways to have the trip of a lifetime, even if your overactive bladder is an unwelcome travel companion. Here are some tips for making your trip a little easier.

Skip the Sauce: This isn’t true for everyone, but some people report increased urge incontinence with consumption of tomatoes and tomato sauce. Find out why—and what other foods you may want to avoid here.

Limit Your Water: Hydration is good, but over-hydrating will keep your overactive bladder on overdrive. Take sips in moderation, especially on the airplane.

Be Ready for Bathrooms: If you’re traveling, even to Westernized Europe, don’t expect the toilets you’re used to here in America. If you’re going further afield, be prepared for even bigger culture shock. But most important: be prepared. If your overactive bladder won’t wait till you’re back at the hotel, be sure to pack coins, wipes, and extra toilet paper for those unexpected stops.

Train Your Bladder: As you organize your items to pack, consider getting your bladder in order as well. Some bladder training techniques have been found to help with overactive bladder.

Talk to Your Doctor: If you really want to be sure your summer travel isn’t limited by your overactive bladder, it might be time to speak to one of our providers. He or she can give you advice and strategies for traveling with more sightseeing trips and fewer bathroom trips.

Don’t miss out on summer travel because of an overactive bladder: Try these tips or schedule an appointment with Urology Associates today by calling (262) 446-3593.

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