Suffering from Kidney Stones?

Mar. 23, 2018

When it’s time to go to the ER

The pain of kidney stones can seem unbearable, but it’s not always the best decision to go to the Emergency Room. This checklist will help you determine the most appropriate course of action when kidney stones hit:

  Are you in pain?

If the pain is the worst you’ve ever experienced in your life (outside of non-medicated childbirth), it is a good idea to go to the Emergency Room. If it’s bad but bearable, it’s better to make an appointment with one of our urologists.

  Is there blood in your urine?

Blood in the urine is a worrisome sign and could indicate an infection or internal bleeding. Go to the ER if blood is accompanied by the worst pain of your life and/or any of the factors below.

  Do you have a fever?

Fever is a sign of infection. If there’s pain, blood, and a fever, you’re best off going to the ER. If your pain is bearable and you do not have fever or blood, a urologist will be able to help you.

  Is your urine stream weak and painful?

Weak stream, plus pain, blood, and fever, you guessed it: it’s time for the ER. However, if you have a weak and painful stream without these other factors, a urologist appointment is the best call.

If you’ve checked all these boxes, it’s time to go to the ER. If not, make an appointment with the experts at Urology Associates by calling 262-446-3593. For more information about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment options for kidney stones, click here

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